Prima Visione

Prima Visione is an ongoing art program of solo exhibitions, inspired by Indisciplinato, the first solo presentation of Italian, Bali-based artist Marco Cassani at OFCA International in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2016 as Prima Visione’s Edition #1.

Alongside its exhibition series Re-PLAY (2012-ongoing), OFCA International has developed Prima Visione to provide invited individual artists a way to baptize the specific result of their intense artistic research. Leaving the studio, the works enter a platform of semi-public visibility, presenting themselves as subject to dialogue and discourse. With its artist-founded background OFCA represents an environment, wishing to bridge the realm of creation with the realm of what is to come after, allowing the physical experience of the artworks and personal dialogue about them to be the first step in this encounter.

Prima Visione #1 Marco Cassani – Incisciplinato
27 January – 15 March 2016