Desrat Fianda – The Meeting, Solo Exhibition at OFCA International

exhibition image

OFCA International is pleased to announce our collaboration with PartNER for the presentation of Desrat Fianda’s Solo Exhibition The Meeting, opening October 3rd, 2017, 4 pm – 9 pm in Sarang building, Yogyakarta.
The Meeting, a solo exhibition of Desrat Fianda presents works which are part of one series related to the artist’s working process since 2014, where he began to create a painting titled Malin Kundang’s StoryThe Meeting. The painting was based on a historical photography related to the preparation of the proclamation of Indonesian independence. Fianda has painted this photograph for many times in an effort to understand how time affects our view on past facts, how history gets distorted, the fragility of documentation, the awareness in making history and how to address it.

In 2017 Desrat Fianda continues his exploration, creating art works in various media such as photography, video and sculpture. This exhibition allows the viewer to enter the artist’s creative process in understanding one historical event from many perspectives. It is built around the awareness that each object holds a wealth of additional meaning and that there is always a multi-layered story behind it.

Opening: 3 October 2017, 4 pm – 9 pm

exhibition run: 3 – 23 Oct. 2017
opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm

Prima Visione #3 – Yeo Kaa – Distressful Satisfaction

Yeo Kaa Exhibition shot

OFCA International is pleased to announce our collaboration with ARNDT Fine Art and the Working Art Animals Art Project to support Yeo Kaa for her current artist residency at OFFICE For Contemporary Art (OFCA). The residency will culminate in the solo exhibition ‘Distressful Satisfaction’ at OFCA International, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, opening in Sarang 1 on 19 May, 2017, and organized in tandem with ART JOG 10 (19 May – 19 June).

An emerging artist from the Philippines, Yeo Kaa works in several mediums. Her acrylic paintings and illustrations appear at first glance to erupt with colour, her figures are executed as line drawings, sometimes with bold, flat colouration. On first glance the subject matter appears to match the cartoon-ish quality of the visuals. However, closer inspection reveals a dark, sometimes sinister undercurrent.

Prima Visione is an ongoing art program of solo exhibitions. Alongside its exhibition series Re-PLAY (2012-ongoing), OFCA International has developed Prima Visione to provide invited individual artists a way to baptize the specific result of their intense artistic research. Leaving the studio, the works enter a platform of semi-public visibility, presenting themselves as subject to dialogue and discourse. With its artist-founded background OFCA represents an environment that bridges the realm of creation with the realm of what is to come after, allowing the physical experience of the artworks and personal dialogue about them to be the first step in this encounter.

Prima Visione #3 – Yeo Kaa – Distressful Satisfaction is organized by Partner Yogyakarta.

Filippo Sciascia Solo Exhibition: Matahari

OFCA International is very pleased to present the solo show Matahari by artist Filippo Sciascia as part of its program Prima Visione, from 22 October – 6 November 2016, at Sarang I, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Based in Bali for more than two decades, the Italian artist Filippo Sciascia is widely known for Lux Lumina, an ongoing series of almost black and white figurative paintings, based on photographic and cinematic sources; their impasto surfaces heavily worked by the painter, who runs a dazzling gamut of painterly techniques, to the point the painting’s skin cracks and tears so skillfully by intuitive calculation that its disintegration seems to be instigated from the inside out. Read more

Marco Cassani Solo Exhibition: Indisciplinato

Marco Cassani

26.05. – 24.06.2016
Sarang I, Yogyakarta

OFCA International is very pleased to present Indisciplinato, Italian artist Marco Cassani’s second solo exhibition at OFCA International from 26 May – 24 June, 2016 in its new home base Sarang I in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

“Presented through a carefully orchestrated series of actions, including a photoshoot that echoes Brancusi’s studio or using the ‘art production’ of a village’s ‘madman’, Indisciplinato reveals the possibility of questioning once again the state of the arts, but this time within a context far from the comfort zone of conceptual art. In other words, it is important to stress the fact that Marco Cassani has developed this radical and conceptual body of work within the context of Indonesia, a country whose dynamic and vibrant art scene is still rooted in certain understandings and conventions of what it means (or is supposed to mean) to be an artist today.”

Opening: Thursday 26 May, 2016, 5 pm (Sarang I, Yogyakarta)

The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated booklet presented by Black Cat Publishing and generously supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Jakarta and PartNER Yogyakarta.


At the Still Point: Four Painters Making Work

At the Still Point

Jumaldi Alfi, Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Jalaini Abu Hassan, Agus Suwage

Curator: Tony Godfrey
Venue: Gallery 1 Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta (2nd floor)

This exhibition brings together four of the most respected artists of Malaysia and Indonesia: Jumaldi Alfi, Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Jalaini Abu Hassan and Agus Suwage. They show not only paintings but installations, sculptures, drawings and photographs.
For them there is the pleasure of showing with artist they respect but who are also old friends. For us there is the pleasure of seeing new works by four artists who are not only mature and confident, but still eager to try new forms and frame new experiences.
The writer and curator Tony Godfrey draws attention in the catalogue (to be published after the opening of the exhibition) to the differing ways in which these artists make their work, how they think about making and how their work has changed through their careers.
Jumaldi Alfi was born in 1973 in Lintau, West Sumatra. He lives and works in Jogjakarta. He has exhibited since 1992.
Ahmad Zakii Anwar was born in 1955 in Johor Bahru. He lives and works in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru. He has exhibited since 1975.
Jalaini Abu Hassan was born in 1963 in Selangor. He lives and works in Kuala Lumpur. He has exhibited since 1985.
Agus Suwage was born in 1959 in Purworejo, Central Java. He lives and works in Jogjakarta. He has exhibited since 1984.