OFCA International

is an artist initiative, founded by Berlin based art historian Astrid Honold and artists Jumaldi Alfi and Fendry Ekel. It started in 2004 as Astrid Honold OFFICE in Amsterdam. Honold gained her experience by coordinating worldwide exhibitions for renown international design label droog during almost one decade. In 2011 OFCA International moved from Amsterdam to Indonesia, located in Sarang, an art complex in Kalipakis, Yogyakarta.

Office For Contemporary Art (OFCA) was established to position active skilled artists within an international context. The organization is based on a shared mission to  advance the artists’ positive role in society through a varied, open, and practical dialogue about contemporary fine art. OFCA International is developing exhibition concepts, lectures, writing and research in fine art such as the exhibition formats ‘Prima Visione’ and ‘RE-PLAY’, which have shown the works of Heri Dono, Entang Wiharso, Anusapati, Handiwirman Saputra and Filippo Sciascia among others over the course of 2013-2016. In producing exhibition programs and publications OFCA International collaborates with other institutions such as: Black Cat Publishing Berlin, graphic design Studio Laucke-Siebein Amsterdam/Berlin, Partner Yogyakarta, international art historians from Freie Universität and Humboldt Universität Berlin, Yogyakarta Open Studio (YOS), Berlin Open Studio (BOS), galleries and museums.


Astrid Honold

Art historian, Founder

Astrid Honold was born in Germany and studied Architecture (Dipl.-Ing), Art (BA) and Art History (MA). Today she is a PhD candidate at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. For her dissertation she received a full Elsa Neumann research grant from the country of Berlin. She has lived and worked in Stuttgart, San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York, and Berlin, where she is based today. Honold gathered her experience in organizing large scale exhibitions for international design label droog worldwide. Among the exhibition venues were Haus der Kunst (Munich), Museo Oscar Niemeyer (Curitiba, Brazil), Museum of Art and Design (New York), Gemeentemuseum (Den Haag) and Grand-Hornu Images (Belgium) as well as other prestigious venues in Germany, China, New Zealand, Australia, Senegal, Indonesia and Switzerland. From 1998-2007 Honold was also responsible for the organization of droog’s annual presentation during the Salone del Mobile (Milan, Italy).

Honold was co-founder of Space For Artists Foundation (2000-2004) and since 2004 ran her own art management Astrid Honold OFFICE, which developed into OFFICE For Contemporary Art, Amsterdam (2007-2011). 2011 Honold co-founded OFCA International together with Jumaldi Alfi and Fendry Ekel, the latter having been a partner in the previous ventures as well as in life. Honold is also the founder of Black Cat Publishing.

As an art historian Honold is focusing on artistic practice and the application of photography in painting. Her MA thesis ‘Blur in Motion’ inquires into the blur as a mediating movement in the work of German painter Gerhard Richter. For her PhD dissertation ‘Knight Moves to Remis’ she investigates the structural influence of chess theory and practice on the organization of Marcel Duchamp’s œuvre. In 2016 two research articles on the topic have been published in France and the UK. Honold curates exhibitions for galleries and museums internationally.

Jumaldi Alfi

Artist, Co-founder

Jumaldi Alfi (b. in Lintau, Sumatra, Indonesia) lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is part of the artist group ‘Jendela’, whose members in the early phase of their careers surprised art audiences in Indonesia with works that were removed from sociopolitical themes or the kind of works capitalizing on technical sophistication of realist painting. Instead, they showed inclination for extreme naïvety or formalism by drawing exclusively on minimal visual elements of line, color and texture. Jumaldi Alfi started building his new studio practice in the Kalipakis area of Yogyakarta in 2010. As co-founder of several artists collectives in Yogyakarta, he developed Sarang (‘nest’), a location, which provides a physical infrastructure of several buildings hosting different art institutions in Yogyakarta. Sarang was officially opened to the public in early 2013 with the non-profit aim of supporting contemporary art in Indonesia, in particular to facilitate the creation of works of art, presentations and discussions about strategic aspects relating to the development and progress of contemporary art practices. Sarang has continued to expand with new buildings.

Fendry Ekel

Artist, Co-founder

Fendry Ekel (b. Jakarta, Indonesia) moved to the Netherlands in his teens and is currently based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Berlin, Germany. His paintings explore the shadow side of human ambition. His monumental, layered works are often painted after black and white photographs depicting portraits, architecture or other remnants of historic events. By appropriating these images from our collective memory, Ekel critically investigates the use of art, architecture and figuration as propaganda for ideology of any kind and confronts himself with the fine borderline where ethical and aesthetic values cross. Due to life experience living in three continents and his socially driven interest in different cultures, he values mobility in his artistic practice and aims to share the knowledge obtained. As a creative activist over the years he has inspired and initiated many activities and organizations such as Space For Artists foundation, Amsterdam (SFA 2000-2006), Office For Contemporary Art, Amsterdam (OFCA 2007-2011), Yogyakarta Open Studio (YOS 2013-ongoing) and Berlin Open Studio (BOS 2014-ongoing). In 2011 he teamed up with artist colleague Jumaldi Alfi and partner in life Astrid Honold to found OFCA International in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.